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One day in the Residential Complex “Comfort Town”

Weekend morning begins not too early. A cup of coffee at the table by the window facing multicolored blocks, green lawn patches and passages between houses
that are stretching off like straight rays.
It’s good to look at a soft mixing of bright and pastel paints with naturally green leaves and blue sky.


Because of a small number of floors the space around is not obstructed with neighboring buildings, and a wide view lets you to see contours of neighboring residential estates
and Dnieper hills full of green.

You are greeting neighbors coming out from the entrance, and walking along the yard watching cheerful kids playing on swings and their parents
sitting on nearby bench and enthusiastically talking. A young father is teaching his little son to ride a multicolored kids’ bike holding the handlebar with one hand.
You can smell fresh backing fragrance coming out from the opened window on the lower floors where someone is having breakfast with homemade muffins.


The central alley of the town is filled up with life. A variety of children’s playgrounds attract little adventurers.
The darling of all complex residents the silver deer is hiding in the shade of old trees. Here is the cozy place for mothers with baby carriages.
Outstanding Tiubik (Tube) and picturesque Prishchepka (Pin) attract attention of all Comfort Town‘s guests.


Fountains located at walking area give their freshness to complex residents in hot days. Cold water flows and splashes attract children as well as adults.
That’s why there are always a lot of people nearby.
During the period of New Years’ holidays there is a big elegant Christmas tree by the central fountain that gives everyone joy and holiday spirit.


Complex residents are already playing excitable tournaments on football field and tennis court.
Here you can always find neighbors who share your sports interests, build an amateur team or invite friends for a spectacular fight.


The distinctive building of a Modern Education Academy A+ with multicolored windows at dark facade and welcoming glass door strikes your eyes from far away.
There are always a lot of children of all ages at an alley leading to the Academy who visit sports clubs, workshops and developmental clubs.
Kindergarten and primary school are functioning here at working days and modern sports and art camps are functioning during the period of school breaks.


There is a building of Sport Life sports club opposite to the Academy. A wide variety of fitness equipment for all training loads, fully equipped training swimming pool,
a wide variety of group and private fitness, aerobics, yoga trainings etc. are represented here.
The sports club and social sports facilities enable Comfort Town residents to take care of their health and stay in good physical shape.
During the walk it’s always pleasant to hang around with a good company drinking a cup of aromatic tea, invigorating coffee or refreshing drink.
Intimate cafes on the complex territory will prepare drink and snack so you can enjoy it at the table or take-away.


One of Comfort Town landmarks is a big red mill. It’s the first thing people see coming to the complex territory and it confidently dominates between neighboring buildings.
The mill is a symbol of European conception according to which the Comfort Town was built.


There is a supermarket Novus located just behind the complex territory. It has a variety of goods, household chemicals and associated goods, its own kitchen and bakery.
You can make major purchase at weekend and come here within a week for fresh goods.


Beauty salons, specialized shops, travel agencies, foreign language courses and bank branch are functioning at the guarded territory of Comfort Town.
One can spend unhurried and full of benefits and pleasure day without leaving the territory of this cozy European-style town.








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